White Rock Trash Removal

Trash Removal Service in White Rock, BC

white rock trash removalLive or work in White Rock?

Need to get rid of a bunch of trash from your property?

Brad’s Junk Removal service has been offering trash removal in White Rock since 1988, and we know how to do it on right and on budget. We have thousands of customers in White Rock, and you can trust us to be a pain-free and cost-effective trash removal service that gets the job done right.


Worried about recycling?

White Rock Recycling ServicesOn average, we recycle over 90% of the trash we remove from our customers in White Rock. We recycle as much material as we can, and with the little trash left over that we cannot recycle, we handle that too. We pride ourselves in being as green as possible, so rest assured just about all the trash we haul away from your property in White Rock will be recycled.

Worried about cost?

Don’t. We’ve offered the same, cost-effective trash removal rates since 1988 and our pricing is transparent. We will even provide you with a trash removal estimate over the phone before we come and haul your trash away.

Need help moving your trash out of your property as well?

We’ve got you covered. If you’re unable to get your trash outside, we’ll handle that too. We want your experience with our trash removal service in White Rock to be as stress-free as possible. We know that you may have some items that are very heavy or cumbersome, and our team of capable workers will take care of that without any problems.

Interested in a free estimate?

Call us right now and we’ll provide you with a free trash removal estimate!