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Tsawwassen Junk Removal Service – Brad’s Junk Removal

With our same day service we can help de-clutter your Tsawwassen home or business today! If you are looking to clean out your office space, an attic, garage, or just get rid of some miscellaneous household junk we can help. There is a reason we are one of Tsawwassen’s top junk removal companies – price. Our everyday low prices haven’t changed since we first started doing business in 1988. Couple that with our exceptional service and quick efficient service times and you have one happy customer – you! We strive to make every customer feel special and genuinely appreciate the work and value that we provide by helping to clear the junk out of their lives! We also aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. By utilizing recycling facilities either in Tsawwassen or in surrounding towns we are generally able to recycle up to 90% of every load we take! The more we are able to recycle the less ends up in a landfill. Fast Service, Excellent Price, Environmentally Conscious, why wouldn’t you want to choose Brad’s!

Tsawwassen Bin Rentals

Sometimes you may want to just fill a bin at your own pace instead of having us do all the work for you, and that is fine! We have you covered. With our bin rental services we bring a bin to you, you fill it, keep it as long as you need – and then give us a call and we will come pick it up. Easy, straightforward, and cost effective. You get to go at your own pace, save on labour, and then we haul everything away. Everyone wins! Brad’s Junk is proud to be able to offer some of the cheapest bin rentals in Tsawwassen; With rates starting at just $350 + Dump Fees you are guaranteed to love it.

brads junk removal bin Tsawwassen

Tsawwassen Furniture Removal

Still holding onto that old couch and not sure why? We can handle that too! Our Tsawwassen furniture removal services are competitively priced. We offer mattress removal, couch removal, and other furniture removal services in Tsawwassen on a piece-by-piece basis or as part of a total junk removal package. Whenever we take furniture we make sure to recycle as much as possible. Furniture contains lots of wood, metal, and plastic materials that are still usable even if the furniture isn’t. When we recycle you save – and who doesn’t love saving!

Tsawwassen Recycling Services

Brad’s Junk believes in making sure British Columbia remains beautiful for generations to come. Recycling is an integral aspect in preserving our province’s natural beauty. Argueabley this is most important in our industry – junk removal. By recycling up to 90% of our loads we are able to keep as much waste out of landfills as possible and stop new materials from having to be created.

Did you know the most recycled materials are:Tsawwasen Recycling Services

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic

Did you also know that approximately 90% of household junk contains at least one if not more of these materials? At Brad’s junk we make sure that as much recyclable material as possible is sent to transfer stations instead of the dump. This also means you save on your dump fees. Less material going to the dump = smaller dump fees.

Need to get rid of some junk from your Tsawwassen home or business? Brad is your guy! Give us a call at 604-220-JUNK (5865) or email info@bradsjunkremoval.com to ask your questions or book an appointment for our junk removal services in Tsawwassen.

Note: Minimum charges apply and vary depending on location.