Trash Cleanup FAQ’s

1) Who is Brad’s Junk Removal?

We are the best junk removal service operating in Metro Vancouver since 1988. We server Richmond, Ladner, Tsawwassen, North Delta, Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and New Westminster.  Brad and his team will remove old furniture, appliances, yard waste, demolition debris and more. We are proud that we are able to recycle up to 90% of what we remove.

2) What materials do you take?

Anything but…dead bodies!!! Just kidding, we are able to haul away almost anything you would like to have removed including mattresses, appliances, furniture, demo debris and yard waste.

3) How much notice do I need?

Most people want us yesterday. We do our best to offer same day junk removal service, or at the least, service the very next day.

4) I have one item I would like removed, will you come and remove only one item?

Yes, absolutely!  Our minimum junk removal charges are far less than the competition.  This service comes in handy when you have a mattress, piece of furniture, or appliance that needs to be disposed of.

5) I don’t have anything organized; will you still come and haul away my junk?

Absolutely, this is the core of our business. We are the clutter king experts! We will take care of separating out the recyclable material.

6) Can you give me a price before you arrive?

Yes, unlike our competition we will provide a quote over the phone or by email. We will do our best to give you a base estimate depending on the information you give us over the phone. Remember, you are under no obligation and work doesn’t begin until the price for removing your junk is mutually agreed upon.

7) What about your competitors?  Why should I use Brad’s Junk Removal?

We’re not a 1-800 franchise.  These franchises will charge you more money because of their franchising fee! We do not work on commission either! We have provided the same great service and same junk removal rates since 1988.

8) Do you charge for estimates?

No! It is always FREE of charge, and with no obligation,  to have someone stop by and provide you with an estimate.

9) How do I schedule an appointment?

Either call us at 604-220-5865 or an email

10) What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash or Cheque.

11) What equipment do you carry for your full service?

We use shovels, rakes, brooms, dust pans, a dolly, garbage cans and sometimes a wheelbarrow. We also carry a tool kit for removal of doors and dismantling small items.  We pride ourselves in leaving the area clean.

12) What do you do with the junk you pick-up?

We use a facility called Urban WoodWaste Recyclers, a fabulous company that recycles up to 90% of the material we bring them. We also use city transfer stations throughout Metro Vancouver for recyclable materials. We believe that recycling is the best or more responsible way to deal with the junk and greatly reducing the amount of items that end up in the landfill.

13) How big is your truck?

Our trucks and bins are 20 cubic yards … quite large … approximately the equivalent of 5-6 pick up trucks. Dimensions of Bin – 12ft(l) x 8ft(w) x 6ft(h)

14) Do I have to pack up and prepare my junk?

Absolutely not. Part of our value added junk removal services is that we do everything for you, including packaging, hauling away and leaving the premises spotless.

15) Why do you charge for recycling?

We load all your junk, clean up the area and then take it to Urban WoodWaste Recyclers transfer station. We are charged a fee just as you would be.

16) Can you do the job for me if I’m not on site?

Absolutely, yes.  You don’t need to be on site, provided we have access to your trash. Our team will call you at work or on your cell phone to confirm the price. Also, we will leave an invoice on site.


17) Can I share the cost of a Bin Rental?

Absolutely, yes. Many of our customers split the cost among multiple parties. Say your neighbours are planning a clean up – why not rent a dumpster bin, fill it with your junk, at your convenience, and have your neighbours do this as well?  This way, when you split the cost, you save money and don’t have to rush to empty your property of its’ junk in just one day.

18) My elderly parents have moved to a care facility. I am overwhelmed with cleaning out their home. Do you provide a service to remove items, room by room?

Yes, we can work to assist clients to completely clear out a residence. We will go thru the whole house if needed, clearing out room by room, including fridge and freezer items.

19) What about giving a ‘Gift’ of junk removal? How do I go about this?

Yes, great idea! Do you have someone in your life who is hard to buy for? What about renting them a rubbish removal bin? Or, pay for our team to come in and clear the clutter in a room or two, or a garage? Call Brad today at 604-220-JUNK , tell him what you have in mind, and he will provide an estimate.

20) We need to move our offices to a new building, but have old furniture, filing cabinets and office equipment that we can’t move ourselves. Can you help?

Good question! Brad’s team will come in and haul away old office equipment and furniture making your transistion much easier. We will recycle as much as possible so you can feel good about letting it go.