Quick Guide to Purge Junk

Investigate, Separate, Remove

We all have ‘Stuff’!  But possibly you’ve accumulated a large pile and you aren’t sure where to start.  A few quick tips will help you to get your indoor or outdoor space organized!

Investigate to find out what exactly is in your pile of junk.  Open boxes and bags , and organize in 2 piles ‘ to keep’ and ‘ to dispose of’.

Next, organize these piles further by separating into 3 piles classified Sell, Donate and Garbage.  You may have items that are gently used and may have cash value. These items may be sold by hosting a garage sale, online advertising or an auction.  Or, you may want to donate working, good condition items directly to a local charity thrift store.   Also, if you are not donating or selling an item can it be recycled before landing in the garbage dump?

Any items that don’t fall into the first 3 categories will be destined for the landfill.  Brad’s Junk Removal can assist with dropping off items for recycling or the take directly to your local thrift store. Also, we will pick up all your junk and dispose of it as needed.  What a great way to roll into Spring!   Call Brad’s Junk today!