Expertly Packed Dumpsters Save Money

Professional Junk Removal & Dumpster Packing

We pride ourselves in expertly packing each and every load. With a properly packed dumpster we can fit more junk into the load and you pay less. Our pricing is based on the load level, a more compact load means we charge less!

Whether you are getting rid of a garage full of miscellaneous junk that you have accumulated over the years, or you have a large quantity of one type of junk (cardboard, wood, pallets, etc.) we can help. With our junk removal service we will show up, pack the dumpster, and haul it away. All you have to do is point.

Alternatively, we can simply drop off a dumpster for you. That way you can fill it at your own pace. Once full, just give us a call and we will come pick it up for you and haul it away.

Learn more about our Junk Removal Services or Dumpster Rentals in your area.

Below are a few examples of expertly packed loads our team has conducted recently throughout the lower mainland.

Residential junk removal being expertly packed into our dumpster bins.

residential junk removal in bin surrey

Residential Junk packed into a Bin in Fleetwood, Surrey


tightly packed trash in West Richmond

Trash tightly packed into a dumpster in West Richmond


Burnaby junk removal

Appliances, File Cabinets, & Other Residential Junk packed into a dumpster in the Burnaby Heights

Pallets, Drywall & Commercial Junk being removed

pallets and construction trash in bin

Pallets & Hardwood, Laminate and Pressboard sheet Removal in Delta


pallets and residential trash in bin

Pallets removed from a warehouse in Marpole


neatly stacked wood in bin

Wood neatly stacked inside one of our dumpsters from English Bluff in Tsawassen


neatly stacked pallets in junk removal bin annacis island

Neatly stacked pallets and wood fragments inside our junk removal bins from Annacis Island, Delta


tightly packed cardboard in Burnaby

Tightly Packed cardboard in Kilarney, Burnaby


If you have some junk you would like removed and want to save money by having a team of professionals load your dumpster, contact Brad’s Junk today!