Dismantling of a garage in Kerrisdale, Vancouver

Garage Dismantling and Junk Hauling Vancouver The owner of this Kerrisdale home had already started on dismantling and breaking down a garage in the backyard, but there was still a lot of heavy work to be done to clean up the site.
When we arrive to a job that looks substantial we need to have a game plan before we begin. Safety first! Then how to finish dismantling the framework and roof. There was many different products in this structure that could all be recycled.

The stuccoed walls did not need to be broken down, as they fit perfect into our 8ft. wide bin.

However, the roof did need to be reduced in size. Which is why we travel with a variety of tools just for these occasions. We sawed through the roofing shingles and plywood to generate capable loading dimensions.

A thorough walk-a-bout to collect all the larger pieces of broken debri of the last remnants of what use to be a called a “workshop” and a quick sweep of the area made this job complete.

The owners called us back a few months later to cleanup and remove the additional construction of the new and improved “workshop”!