Dumpster Bin Rentals

Metro Vancouver Dumpster Bin Rental – 20 Yard Dumpster Bin Rental Service
Starting at $280 + Dump Fees.
Call Brad at (604) 220-JUNK (5865) for your best rate

Drop Off and Pick Up Dumpster Bin Rental Service

 Truck with Dumpster Bin - Brad's Junk RemovalIf you live in one of the following areas:

Brad’s Junk Removal offers drop off and pick up dumpster bin rental services.  Call Brad today to schedule an appointment to have us drop our 20 cubic yard dumpster bin at either your home, business, or job site. Call us within 7 to 10 days to pick up the bin. We will then take the contents of the dumpster bin to our private facility – Urban Wood Waste Recyclers – where they recycle up to 90% of your garbage. Please note that different types of garbage in the bin will have different dump fees.

Drop Off & Load Dumpster Bin Rental Service

Loading up a dumpster by the water, Vancouver BC For other areas in Metro Vancouver, we offer a garbage bin loading service. Schedule an appointment for us to come to your location. We will load the dumpster bin and then take the contents to recycling or the dump.

Dump Fees

We have offered low junk removal rates for our services since 1988! Along with the charges for our services there are dump fees to dispose of your junk. We have to pay by weight at the recycling depots and local dumps, so heavier items generally cost more for removal. That is why our 20 yard dumpster bin rental services start at $280.(depending on location). Your dump fees will depend on what items have been loaded into the bin but you basically reimburse me for whatever the dump fees are. An average dump fee when the bin is FULL can be from $300. – $350.


For detailed junk removal rates information, refer to our Rates page.

Call us at 604-220-JUNK (5865) or email info@bradsjunkremoval.com to ask your questions or book an appointment for our roll-off bin rental service.

Brad's Junk will haul anything...but dead bodies!

Note: Minimum charges apply and vary depending on location.