Burnaby Complex has a Junk Day

Brads Junk hauling junk away in Burnaby

Burnaby complex has a Junk Day


At Forest Hills in Burnaby, a townhouse complex has it’s Annual Neighbourhood “Junk Day”. All residents have the chance to remove all their unwanted items from their interiors and surrounding exteriors. This will include household items like T.V’s, electronics, furniture, mattresses, clothing and toys. To clean-up their outdoor space, we hauled away lawnmowers, barbecues, lawn furniture, garden tools.


The complex has the entire weekend to carry their junk to a common area in the parking lot. Brad’s Junk will accommodate several bins to arrive throughout the two days, as this will keep the junk pile from exceeding its safety zone. Our workers will quickly sort through the garbage items to possibly categories between wood loads, metal loads, as that will speed up the process when we arrive at the Recycling facility.


This community has been a repeat client of ours for several years to haul their “Junk Day” trash. When a previous client calls again to haul away their junk, it tells us that our staff is accomplishing the client’s needs.┬áBrad’s Junk Removal takes pride in our service of recycling and junk removal and make the effort to accommodate all customers so that they are more than satisfied when we drive away.