Backyard Clean-up in Delta

It’s that time of the year when homeowners are wanting to declutter and spruce up the backyard for summer entertaining. We arrived at our clients in Delta, and at the side of the house we found an abundance of rotting building material and old outdoor furniture that would not or could not be utilized any longer. Towards the garden was a pile of fall leaves and branches along with broken garden tools, pots, and leftover potting soil.

Everything was scattered around the yard and our customer was concerned for the size of load. He was positive that we wouldn’t get it all. But “just you wait…”

We also noticed a damaged fence panel in need of repair which would only take a moment to fix. Our customer was impressed that all his junk was gone, “how great his yard looked” but was thrilled that we would make the extra effort in repairing his fence.

One of our recycling facilities is a short drive away and then we’re ready to do it againDelta BC Recycling & Hauling